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"Self-Hypnosis" works FAST...

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How to:




When we change our way of thinking 

(our MINDSET) we change our life!

Self-Hypnosis works FAST to remove those mental blocks standing in our way of success and happiness.

This STEP BY STEP guide REVEALS THE SECRET to simple, yet POWERFUL HACKS to implement a new MINDSET toward your goals and desires.


Hypnosis Induction: Learn the real secret to the classic, step by step hypnotic induction that professional hypnotists use to guide yourself into the hypnotic "trance" state.


Hypnotic Suggestions: Discover how to "install" the positive suggestions you desire into your sub-conscious mind so that you can achieve your desires quickly and naturally.


Simple Hypnotic Hacks: Access some simple "non-trance" mind power techniques to create and form NEW positive habits and eliminate the old negative and destructive habits.

About the Author

Stephen Christopher "Mr Hypno" is Your Hypnotic Success Coach

As one of the busiest Stage Hypnotists in the New York City region USA, he works with thousands of people every year to demonstrate the amazing power of SELF-HYPNOSIS. Now, with the new power and popularity of ONLINE interaction he is able to connect with people WORLDWIDE to help them achieve the positive changes and success they desire. 

Stephen credits Self-Hypnosis with freeing himself from debilitating panic attacks, shyness, low self-esteem and dead end jobs to achieving his most important dreams. He credits what he calls "The Magic Mindset" for helping him become a full-time, professional entertainer and successfully, self-employed for over 20 years along with having the family and home life he imagined. 

Stephen currently lives with his wife Cathi in their "magic cottage in the forest, in the city" and together they have two adult sons who are themselves working and achieving their own dreams and goals.

Through this guide-book he is committed to helping YOU move past whatever obstacles are standing in your way to achieve your personal definition of success that you want and deserve.

 What is YOUR personal definition of success? For YOU! What would make you feel and know you have succeeded in your life. What does success mean to you? What achievement do you dream about? What CHANGE would you make in your life, about yourself, if you could? I am telling you that you CAN DO IT. You CAN have it! A shift in mindset can change the course of our lives. 


The fact that you are here reading this sets you apart from the vast majority.

You may be stuck in a rut like I was, standing in your own way of happiness and success. But it doesn't have to be this way. You KNOW deep down that you have MORE inside of you.

You are HERE for a reason. You WANT to CHANGE and you BELIEVE there is a way. Well there is a way. Controlling your own mind and thoughts is the most important skill for living joyfully.

Are you ready to make a change for the better?


Although many find it helpful to work one-on-one or in group coaching, this guide-book is ALL that you really need to get started to RESET YOUR MINDSET and STOP negative and destructive behaviors, thoughts and habits. This is the Do It Yourself method in this book and YOU CAN DO IT! But don't just READ the book ... take the information and put it to use.

I utilized the methods revealed in this book to change my life in amazing ways. I gift you these valuable secrets to use yourself for FREE. All I ask is that after you have your own BREAKTHROUGH that you will please share your story with me so that I may share it with others to encourage and empower them on their journey. .

Take this information and IMPLEMENT IT and you'll be on your way to adopting a NEW MINDSET to easily and naturally start living your life IN TUNE and on ON TARGET with your most important dreams and goals.

You want to make changes in your life!

"It doesn't have to be this way!"


It's time to take action NOW and start on the path to a NEW Mindset of SUCCESS, PEACE, PROSPERITY and PERSONAL POWER.


Allow me be your 


through the use of this Guide Book.